Power your business

The more accurate and pertinent data you have, the better informed your business decisions will be. We provide the data you need, as you need it, when you need it.

Cutting edge AI services

Our AI based analysis services use the latest machine learning technology to give you deeper insights so you can use your data in newer, smarter ways.

Make informed decisions

Our capture and analysis services will provide you with the right data at the right time. We use the latest custom machine learning techniques and models to provide you with the answers you need.

What we do

We provide a complete service to capture, analyse and report data, integrating with your existing systems to provide a seamless data feed.
Data retrieval

We capture data using our powerful crawling platform, featuring market leading anti-detection technology and built in resilience to third party changes.

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Data processing & analysis

We use the latest machine learning techniques including neural networks, regression and classification to provide accurate, fast data analysis.

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Analysis APIs

We provide secure API services for sentiment analysis, aspect analysis, natural language processing and image/object detection for integration into your workflow.

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Data provisioning

Raw or analysed data can be pulled from our secure API for integration into your system or further analysis via Power BI or similar third party tools.

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We offer Social Wrapping, a social media listening tool driven by our services, allowing you to monitor what people are saying and gain insights into the conversations that matter to you.
Mutli channel

We currently monitor the most popular social media channels with more on the way! Custom data capture is, of course, available.

Friendly dashboards

All your data is presented to you via our custom dashboards with graphs, charts and top 50 results for various metrics.

Powerful insights

Using our AI based services, we provide insights across hundreds of thousands of posts to ensure you get the most from your data.

Grow your business

With 24x7 monitoring and services hosted in the cloud, you can be confident that your data will be available to you when you wish.

Use your data to drive your business forward...

  • Drive lead generation - more data = more customers
  • Gather data from your industry - use their information to improve your operation
  • Analyse retailer data to understand how your products are being placed/promoted
  • Create custom news feeds for your site/customers
  • Keep up with what's hot and what's not on social media
  • Use industry pricing data to perfectly place your products & services
  • Use market data to find and exploit market trends and industry topics
  • Analyse stock levels to understand what is currently selling
  • Analyse sports results to identify patterns
  • Collate data from disparate sources to create something exciting & new

First class Support

Our 24x7 UK based support will assist you with any questions or issues.

Active monitoring

We actively monitor all our services so that any issues are rectified as soon as possible.

24x7 support

Our UK based support is always available to help you with any issues or questions.


As you grow, your requirements will change; let us know and we'll react immediately.
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Our clients love us

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Great guys, highly recommended
The guys are fantastic to work with, great communicators and they really know their data. The system exceeds expectations and the brainstorming was illuminating! Highly recommended!
James Stanbridge