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🙌 Social media listening+

Find new sales opportunities, track your brand sentiment, where are customers engaging and is it with the competition, connect with key influencers, increase customer retention and loyalty, hire the right people, evaluate marketing campaigns.

Start benefiting from your information.

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React First

Understand what’s resonating with your customers quicker than ever. Cross reference with customer reviews to unlock detailed insight.

Respond First

Stay ahead of the competition. Build processes and tactics to capitalise on your insights, increase productivity and grow your brand.

Be First

Discover and develop new products, implement new marketing strategies and capitalise on competitor errors quickly and efficiently.

THE stats



80% of customers rely on friends or family to influence purchases including recommendations across Social Media.


60% of customers looking for easier access to online customer services.


23% of all internet traffic is generated through Facebook.


54% of Social Browsers use social media to research products. (Global WebIndex)


23% of users check their Facebook account five times a day.


83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform.


87% of people on Pinterest have bought a productbecause of Pinterest.


48% of Pinterest users say shopping is one of their top priorities.


Generate your direction

With data from the most popular social media channels, you’ll be able to stay on top of thousands of posts.

No need for login details just gather the information you need from Facebook, Instagram, Mumsnet, Reddit, Tumbler, Twitter, YouTube, Viberate and more…

Consolidate in real-time to generate actionable insights

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Easy as 1,2,3…

Harness customer reviews and competitor pricing information to enrich your decision process.

Use your customers’ voice to get ahead of the competition, develop.


01 / Data Gathering

Decide the keywords, businesses and media channels to follow. Watch our web scraping tools gather your data in real-time.

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02 / Insights

View your consolidated information, plan actions and gain insight into your customer’s voice.


03 / Integrate

Combine with your existing software, mail service or CRM. Make your data work the way you want.

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