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Sales call centre
Sales call insight 📱

What if you could apply sentiment analysis to your outbound sales calls?How about cross-referencing sales calls against your sales figures?

What if you could analyse a week’s calls in one minute?Leverage your recorded calls to increase your sales pipeline.

Pinpoint the language that results in quicker sales. Develop training to maximise profits.

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React First

Understand what’s resonating with your customers quicker than ever. Cross reference your sales figures against your calls to unlock a quicker sales journey.

Respond First

Stay ahead of the competition. Build sales processes and tactics to capitalise on your insights and increase the productivity of your sales force.

Be First

Get to marker first. Initiate sales drives, discover new products, implement new marketing strategies and capitalise on competitor errors quickly and efficiently.

THE stats

Call Centres


88% of buyers agree that the salespeople they ultimately do business with are “trusted advisors”.


82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who proactively reach out.


55% of companies think that sales representatives need to improve their ability to incubate leads.


51% of companies think that sales representatives need to improve their ability to identify trigger


60% of customers say no four times before saying yes whereas 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow up attempt.


35% increase in sales with the use of collaborative language. (using “we” instead of “I”).


Easy as 1,2,3…

Automate your sales force analysis and review in one easy to use dashboard.

Explore how simple it can be to utilise the web and social media platforms to grow your business, understand your competition and shape your decision making.

01 / Data Gathering

Transcribe your sales audio files and cross-reference them with your sales figures. It only takes 5min to transcribe 1 hour of audio.

02 / Insights

View sentiment analysis foreach call at a glance or access your audio with one-click.Did it result in a sale, what keywords were used?

03 / Integrate

Combine with your existing software, mail service or CRM. Make your data work the way you want.

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Sales as a Service

Utilise your recorded sales calls to separate yourself from the pack and prove to your customers who has the best team.

Include statistical evidence to back up monthly reporting. What language proved most effective when selling a product, how did you capitalise on that and what was the outcome?

Show at a glance customer sentiment using natural language processing to evaluate attitudes rapidly.

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