Customer review analysis

Understand how your customers view your business

Using reviews from all the popular online sites such as Trustpilot, Feefo, TripAdvisor, and more, we can provide you with an analysis of what your customers think about all aspects of your business. By monitoring this over time, you can see how your customers are reacting to changes you are making and compare your performance with that of your closest competitors.

Customer opinion

We can retrieve customer reviews from the main online review portals, more niche sites more specific to your business or even from your own data, giving access to the opinions of a good cross section of your customer base.

All aspects

We can report on all aspects of your business, from staff to pricing, from design to customer satisfaction. Each can be monitored over time to see whether customers are more or less positive towards that aspect of your business.

Measure the competition

By monitoring what your competitor's customers are saying about them, you can compare your business to your closest competitors to find areas in which you are blazing a trail or require improvement.

Performance over time

Track the way in which your customers talk about your business over time and relate changes in customer attitudes directly to business decisions you've made providing direct, candid feedback.

How it works

Review analysis

By using the latest AI and natural language processing techniques, we take your customers' reviews and break them down into the aspects that matter to your business. We have models that cover most industries from Hotels to Resturants to Theme Parks to independent Farm Shops. If we don't already have a model for your industry, we can create one and provide you with the aspects of your business that are most important to you.

Tracking customer opinion

Track the way customers have previously, and are currently, viewing your business enabling you to gain an insight into the reception your business strategies are getting from the most important people.

Competitor comparison

See the way in which your competitors' customers view their services and how that compares with your own customers giving you insights into USPs and potential business improvements.

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