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The Coding Tool
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The Coding Tool

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What’s a Code Frame?

This is a question you have responses for.

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What is sentiment analysis?

To identify and categorise opinions expressed in apiece of text. Used predominantly to determine the writer’s feelings toward thetopic e.g. Do they have positive, negative, or neutral feelings?

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What’s a Row?

These are the responses to your question.

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How will augmented intelligence save me time and money?

By processing youraudio, video and data fi les in to themes we have done the heavy lifting. You are stillin full control to make changes and corrections.

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What is natural language processing (NLP)?

Natural language refers to speechanalysis in audible speech and written text. NLP systems are trained softwaremodels to extract meaning from these words.

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What are themes?

After processing your data, themes are the suggested groups automatically generated by sentiment, topic, or intent. These can be edited andnamed to customise your project.



coding tool faq

Do you off er bespoke plans for projects?

Yes, contact the team and let’s workout what you need. See our Custom Tools page for more information.

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Is my data secure?

Yes, all data and services are securely hosted and stored onservers in ISO certified data centres within the EU and the software is accessed through a secure login and password portal.

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Can you collect the data for me?

If you have access to it we can gather the data.We collect information from the internet, social media apps, CRM’s, and muchmore.

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Do I need to download any software?

No, there is no software or plug-ins to download. You can access our platform from anywhere in the world via the web interface.

coding tool faq

Can you also process my data for me?

Yes, our team can fully manage your projectfrom start to fi nish, supplying support and analysis.

coding tool faq

Do I retain ownership of my data?

Yes, we lay no claim to your data.

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