Data retrieval

From any source directly into your system

Data retrieval

You specify the data you want, from where and how frequently. Our experts will build a custom data capture service utilising the best technology for the data source. The majority of our data retrieval uses our custom web scraping solution, developed and evolved to overcome and prevent the recurrence of the various issues we've faced over the last few years. We also retrieve data from legacy systems for import into newer products or for dissemination amongst various other systems.

Web scraping

Let us know what you'd like captured and we'll get it for you. Wherever your data is on the web*, we can get it. If your data is spread over more than one page or site, no problem! Once it gets to you, it'll be fully collated, de-duplicated and cleaned so you can drive your business forward with the best quality data.

Want to learn more about web scraping? Read our data scraping guide!

* Please note, we will only provide you with data that you have a legal right to view.

Our web scraping platform

Features market leading anti-detection technology to reduce outages.

Fully customisable schedules - data can be retrieved at any interval or at any set time.

Backup, web based scraping to ensure no outages even when sites change layout.

Truely scalable, running in the cloud within the UK.

Monitored 24x7 to immediately identify and resolve any issues.

Fully secured - only you have access to the data you've requested.

System data extraction

If you've got data in one or more legacy systems, perhaps with limited access, let us extract it for you. Our systems experts can retrieve the data from existing products for your continued use in new systems. We can enrich the data before importing it into your new system with data from the web or our deep learning analysis tools to give you a fresh view of your existing data.

Extract data from existing on premise systems/databases.

Retrieve data from existing cloud based systems/databases.

Extract data from existing file based systems such as Excel, MS Access and more.

Providing you with the data

We can provide the data in various ways, have a look how on our data provisioning page.

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