Data provisioning

How we can provide you with your data

Data provisioning

We can provide your processed and analysed data as frequently as you wish, however you wish. From every minute to every week we will provide your data in the format you want.


We can import the data you want into your choice of traditional SQL database (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc.)
If you prefer the NoSQL approach, we can directly import your data into your mongoDb, Raven or Cassandra database.


We can provide your data in any file format you choose. From CSV and XLSX through to custom XML or JSON formats, you define what you want.
We will provide you with your files via email, (S)FTP or any online storage solution (DropBox, Google Drive, Box etc.)

Secure API

We can send your data directly to your API on the schedule you require, allowing you to integrate your new data directly into your business processes.
If you'd rather be in charge, we have a secure API that you can integrate with to pull your data on your schedule.

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