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Hotel Business Feature

Our new review analysis software has been featured on the Hotel Business website! Hotel Business provide information and support for the hotel industry and they were interested in our software and how it can be used to monitor key performance areas of hotels.

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The software was developed after consulting with two UK based hotel chains. It monitors the reviews that customers post on TripAdvisor and Booking.com and uses AI techniques to analyse the semantic content of the reviews to produce a summary of various aspects of the business and how positive or negative customers are being towards each.

Aspects include staff, cleanliness, value, wifi, location, facilities, food & drinks etc. Each of these aspects is represented as a percentage of positivity when mentioned by customers. Using these values it is possible to examine exactly how customers view the various aspects of the hotel and where the hotel are pleasing and displeasing their clientele.

It is also possible to compare the analysis of one hotel with its competitors, giving a view of where a hotel could make improvements or must strive to maintain a lead over their competitors. It is possible to deep dive into the results of any aspect, to see exactly which topics the customers are being either positive or negative about; for example, is there a particular facet of the location that customers particularly like?

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