Automated coding of market research data

Less time, less money, more accurate results

Our AutoCoding platform produces accurately coded open ended responses for quantitative analysis in any language. By using the latest advanced AI and natural language processing techniques, AutoCoding will generate and apply a code frame specifically for your data.

High speed, low cost

Code a data set in around 30% of the time it would take to perform the coding manually. We've seen projects which would normally take 10 working days to code manually taking around 3 days using AutoCoding. Less time means less money.

Improved accuracy

Achieve more accurate, standardised results. Manual coding of a data set will be subject to the mood and personal assumptions of the individual coder and will vary, even within a team. AutoCoding has no such biases and will provide more consistent, accurate results.

All markets

With built in translation supporting over 100 languages, you can code data across any market as if it were written in English. This allows a single code frame to be generated for the same question across all markets with ease, reducing time spent on admin and collation.

Sentiment analysis

AutoCoding will provide you with a breakdown of the sentiment expressed in your data set automatically. You can clearly see which codes attract the most positive comments and which attract the most negative. This can be analysed by market or over time to provide a narrative of respondent feeling.

Full service

At Chattering Monkey we can take on your coding projects ourselves using our state of the art AutoCoding platform. Our expert coders with an average of 15 years' experience in the market research industry will code your data set accurately and quickly without you having to lift a finger.

System integration

If you own or operate a custom market research platform, we can quickly and easily integrate our services to provide automatic coding upon completion of a project or a preliminary analysis in real-time as responses are received giving you up to the minute information about what respondents are talking about and their feelings towards all aspects of the topic.

To find out more about AutoCoding and see what we can do for you, contact us below!